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A MINIMUM OF ten billion dollars of public money evaporates each year to provide dialysis' services for individuals waiting for an organ transplant — and that's just the tip of the iceberg as far as expenses go.  Most dialysis patients require three treatments a week, each one several hours in length — their loss of pay must be made up by some source: Medicare, Medicaid or other special funding.  Additionally, unemployment insurance, disability and/or public welfare can be added to this growing cost.  Why?  There's not enough organs being donated to meet the growing transplant need.

  Transplant Surgery in Progress at Hospital.
  Doctors Performing Transplant Surgery at Hospital Specializing in Transplants.

      Most individuals are registered organ donors — their driver's license proves it — but when the fateful time comes, almost every hospital will not follow through for fear of being sued by the deceased persons' family.  The family, under high stress, are not inclined to decide about organ donation as their loved one lies in a hospital bed fighting for life itself.  So, if death overcomes life, the organs simply go into the grave.  There's a much better choice. Let the organ donor make an unequivocal decision that's bound by legal contract; the family is not pressured to decide, the hospital knows the proper authority has been filed, and the deceased organ donor succumbs knowing he/she gave the ultimate gift of life to another human being.  Donate-For-Life is the facilitator of choice because we have a solution that will exponentially increase organ donation and save human lives.

      The potential organ donor only needs to register and sign-up with Donate-For-Life, agreeing to participate in two health check-ups each year, over their lifetime.  Simply registering and signing-up provides access to Charitable-Based Incentives; through participation in activities beneficial to the public CBI's can be acquired. Details are available when the Donate-For-Life program begins in the potential organ donor's location and they register and sign-up. It is a win-win opportunity.

      Because the Donate-For-Life program stresses maintaining one's health, the health of participating Americans improves measurably.  A more healthy America is a better America! Donate your organs and save America $10 billion each year.

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