"Where America turns for organ transplant resources
when other sources are depleted.
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Donate-For-Life Organ Donor Program
is Completely Focused on Increasing Organ Donations

THE PURPOSE OF Donate-For-Life Organ Donor Program ("Donate-For-Life") is to exponentially increase organ donation in America.  A mathematical analysis and forensic review indicates the Solution can:  1) Provide more than 122,000 organ donations within 48-months after startup to potentially end the angst of waiting transplant candidates; and  2) Preserve more than $10 billion taxpayer dollars each year; more than enough to fund this life-saving program.

      The only realistic question is:  "Will the austerity-focused government redirect the funds to save the lives of 122,000+ individual American citizens?" This is a no-brainer for almost all 330,000,000 American citizens.

      Here's How You Can Help — Click the LINK below and Send a Message to your Congressperson today [ Use both Web Form Mail and USPS Snail Mail, please. Repeat in a month. ]. Keep it simple by saying:  "I, ___Your Name___, ask you to support funding for Donate-For-Life Organ Donor Program to end the angst and save the lives of the 120,000 transplant candidates on the UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) waiting list. Thank you."

"Contact Your Elected Representatives"

Frequently Asked Questions


What may be required of an individual or business?
      Installation of devices*
            SwipeCard units
    * Private or Registered Investors Only

What's in it for an individual or business?
      More students based on the beneficiary opting-in for tuition
            On location or online
            Listing option on DFL website

What's in it for the potential organ donor?
      Satisfaction of giving the 'Gift of Life' to another individual
      Acquiring DFL Charitable-Based Incentives for beneficiary
      Relieving family of organ donation decision at stressful moment

What's in it for the potential organ donor's beneficiary?
      Up to 500K DFL Charitable-Based Incentives
            College or Trade School Tuition
            Home Downpayment
            Small Business Startup
            Certified Investment
            Charitable Donation

What's the 'value' of DFL Charitable-Based Incentives?
      IRS would suggest it's like income; DFL disagrees
      The benefits to America are so high that it must be declared tax-exempt

What Does DFL Solution Accomplish?
      Exponential increase of organ donations
      Transplants for 122,000+ individuals within 48-months after startup

How does an individual become a DFL Organ Donor?
      Sign-Up (1) & Register (2)
            (1) Sign-up online
            (2) Register with local representative
                  Insurance agent
                  Health professional
      Acquire CBI* over lifetime
  * Charitable-Based Incentives

What is required of a DFL Organ Donor?
      Initial health check-up; recurring bi-annual health check-ups
            Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Weight & Body Mass Index
      Maintain healthy lifestyle
      Agree to Receive eMails
            Update Status
            Review Healthy Lifestyle Proposals
                  Health-Oriented Seminars
                  Health-Based Get-Aways
                  Healthy Recipes and Foods
                  Home Gardening, Aquaculture, etc.


Donate-For-Life Organ Donor Program
Edgewater, Florida USA
"Where America turns for organ transplant resources
when other sources are depleted."

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